A young White woman outside in nature at night, absorbed in her iPhonne.

Whether you had words for it or not, you’ve felt it: Technological Suffering.

Technological Suffering is any form of distress that arises from our interactions with digital worlds.

It can be very subtle.

Or very severe.

But it’s happening, because our brains weren’t built for the digital reality we’re living…

I recently spent 10 days of my life meditating for 10 hours a day.

100 hours of meditation!

How was it?!?

Well, I’ve been trying to figure out how to put what was a very indescribable experience into words. Here’s my best attempt at capturing 10 lessons learned.

Props to my brother who asked if I was like Ron Swanson meditating, which led to this meme.

10 Lessons 10 Days

#1 Vipassana 10 Day Courses Are Hardcore

There was…

A real talk on work, ego, and LinkedIn.

In May 2017, I gave the following talk at Stanford Graduate School of Business as part of our 5-year MBA reunion. This is a transcript with edits for clarity.

“Hi! It’s so good to be here.

Today, I’d like to take you on a journey of transitions and transformation that…

I’m thrilled to share that in October, I officially joined the non-profit Understood as their new VP People & Operations.

This is my quick announcement to the world.

About Understood

Understood is a non-profit dedicated to serving those with learning and thinking differences who are part of the neurodiverse community. Understood provides…

“When wanted things do not happen…we start tying knots within.“ 📷: Tim Boote

On December 6th, I’m going on a mental adventure.

After several years of consideration, I will participate in my first 10 day silent meditation retreat at the Southern California Vipassana Center near Joshua Tree, California.

Yes, 10 days of silence. And about 100 hours of meditation.

Leading up to the retreat, I’ve received many wonderful, curious questions about my upcoming experience…

How an expanded “Hierarchy of Needs” can help pinpoint opportunities for growth

Earlier this year, I started a year-long personal development challenge.

It’s pretty simple: each month I select a few small actions to practice living out a different value.

The values rotate, and so far have touched on the themes of being more inclusive, generous, and resourceful.

The Challenge

During the most recent…

Here’s what I learned about the nature of transactions and their impact on our well-being.

House photo by Dmitri Popov

For all of March, I’ve been focused on living out the principle of “Decommodification” in my daily life.

Why? Great question! 👇

(10 Second Backstory)

  1. I’m taking all of 2017 to live out a different principle each month
  2. The principles follow Burning Man’s 10 Principles
  3. To learn more, read my January post: Radical…

A challenge to live out the Burning Man ethos, all year long

Two years ago, an idea popped into my head: “Wouldn’t it be kind of fun to live out the 10 Burning Man Principles all year long?”

I initially dropped it for its perceived impracticality. I mean, how could “Decommodification” — no transactions, no advertising, no commercialization — work in Brooklyn? Does that mean I can’t buy anything for a month? Or earn any money?

But, as with a lot of good ideas, it kind of stuck…

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Writing on meditation, behavioral psychology, and applied ethics. Stanford MBA, Bain alum, certified Koru Mindfulness teacher.

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