The 10 Principles Project: A Year-long Experiment

A challenge to live out the Burning Man ethos, all year long

Two years ago, an idea popped into my head: “Wouldn’t it be kind of fun to live out the 10 Burning Man Principles all year long?”

And, as I mulled it over, I realized I had a deeper question:

How do the beliefs we live our life by affect our interpretation of reality?

Here’s the experiment. I’d love it if you joined me.

1. Each principle gets a month

I’m taking August and September off because I’ll be at Burning Man 2017 for portions of those months.

2. For each month, pick 1 small daily action and 1–2 bigger actions

Saying hello can feel awkward. It did get easier!

3. Follow some basic guidelines

“It is better to inspire, than to command.”- said someone wise, probably my mom.

4. Take action!

If you’re into spreading positivity through small actions, please share with others who believe in greater inclusion, self-expression, participation, and communal effort.

Writing on meditation, behavioral psychology, and applied ethics. Stanford MBA, Bain alum, certified Koru Mindfulness teacher.